The East Is Wed: China Seeks Brides For Richer, For Poorer – Yahoo News

View gallery Vietnamese bride Vu Thi Hong Thuy chats with Chinese customers in the shop where her friend, also Vi The resulting gender gap has led to an explosion in “bride prices”, payments traditionally made by the groom’s relatives, hitting men in the poor countryside the hardest. “To get married, the bride’s family will often require a car and a house, so it’s easier to get married if you have more money,” said shopkeeper Wang Yangfang, adding: “In Vietnam, they demand lower prices.” The typical cost for a Vietnamese woman is 20,000 yuan ($3,200), Linqi residents said — less than a quarter of the local price, and such a bargain that more than 20 Vietnamese women have found homes in the area in recent years. But the trade is also rife with abuses. At a shelter in Vietnam, AFP this year spoke to a dozen girls who said they were tricked by relatives, friends or boyfriends and sold to Chinese men as brides. Myanmar’s government said in a 2011 report that most trafficking from the country is “committed solely with the intention of forcing girls and women into marriages with Chinese men”.

Adaptor, Converter or Transformer? Which Do You Need? – Blogs – Dover Post


Adaptor, Converter or Transformer? Which Do You Need? About this blog By Anu Jameson Home improvement tips from, a website where real people give unpretentious home & garden advice and share their experiences so that you can deal with your own house with more fun and less anxiety.


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