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Home Improvement Retailers: Investing Essentials –

Curylo, who is free on $5,000 bond, has been reported to police numerous times for allegedly not completing driveway work while doing business as Hot Top Paving of New Britain. He was investigated in June after someone reported paying him $800 to seal a driveway, only to have him fail to show up. When interviewed by police, Curylo said he planned to return but he hadnt gotten around to it. He agreed to void the transaction by returning the money, police said.

Ideally, home improvement retailers want to charge relatively high prices to infrequent do-it-yourself retail customers, as they’ll typically be willing to pay up in order to get limited-scope jobs done. At the same time, though, retailers want to treat professional contractors well, as they offer the prospect of repeat business that can drive overall revenue — but will be much more cost-conscious in order to keep the prices they charge their homeowner-customers down as much as possible. Threading that needle can be a challenge for those home improvement retailers that choose to serve both segments equally, but that strategy can pay off if executed well. What drives the home improvement retail industry?


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