Home Improvement Shows, Ranked

Tackle These Projects Before Selling Your Home (And After Buying) – Money.com

Top Projects Sellers

PROPERTY BROTHERS O, PROPERTY BROTHERS, WON’T YOU SING ME A CANADIAN LULLABY AND LET ME PET YOUR HAIR???????? 2. CURB APPEAL Have you ever read the Wikipedia page of Curb Appeal host John Gidding? The dude has architecture degrees from Harvard and Yale, he’s from Turkey by way of Switzerland, he’s a runway model and a CHOIR NERD, and he’s “also been on the covers of numerous romance novels.” He’s married to ballet dancer Damian Smith and here is a picture of them and not only will he re-design your front yard, he’ll do your neighbor’s yard too. http://jezebel.com/home-improvement-shows-ranked-1585419205

The Democrat Leader, Home Improvement

Energy-efficiency: the remodeling trend that’s here to stay Remodeling trends come and go, which is a good thing if you’re talking about shag carpet or avocado-colored Formica. But some trends have both staying power and universal appeal, such as the strengthening movement toward homes that are more energy efficient and eco-friendly. Got an ‘impossible’ space? The no-fail way to turn it into a bathroom Nearly everyone has a home improvement “impossible dream” – an inground pool in a postage-stamp-sized backyard or a professional-grade kitchen on a $5,000 budget. http://www.fayettenewspapers.com/7975/1664/home-improvement

Well, thats not going to fly with potential buyers. So it makes sense that general contractors were the most popular project home sellers took on before listing their home, according to a new report from home improvement firm Porch. What if you just moved in? You were far more likely to hire a painter. http://time.com/money/2820298/repairs-renovations-improvement-projects-for-home-buyers-and-sellers/


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