Home Improvement Tips To Prepare For The Summer Storm Season – Skiatookjournal.com: Seasonal

4. Standby generator Summer storms can cause the most damage if you lose electricity. Weather-related power outages have doubled since 2003, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. http://skiatookjournal.com/online_features/seasonal/home-improvement-tips-to-prepare-for-the-summer-storm-season/article_25c7ad46-0ff9-5545-a172-66147fbb4674.html

Dresden Enterprise, Home Improvement

Let the natural beauty of a well-maintained deck transform your backyard into a gathering place with these spruce-up tips. Put the ‘pro’ in home improvement with the right painting tools Many DIYers don’t consider that choosing the right applicators is just as important as selecting the right paint color. Here are a few tips to help you identify the right tools for the job and make your next painting project your best yet. Learn how the latest technology can protect your home from wet weather and storms. If spring cleaning your kitchen is starting to feel like you’re simply putting polish on a dirt floor, it’s time to plan a spring redesign that you’ll love now, and for years to come. http://www.eclassifiedsnetwork.com/8821/1686/home-improvement


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